Homes for Sale in Hyattsville

Hyattsville, Maryland is composed of two distinct areas; first, it’s an Incorporated City founded in 1886 close to the Northeast side of Washington DC with a population of 17,557 in the 2010 US Census and totals 2.70 square miles in area.  It has two main commercial areas, along Route 1 – including part of the “Arts District” and Queens Chapel and Hamilton Streets.  A large Mall known as Prince George’s Plaza lies at the northwestern border.  In recent years it has added a sizeable portion to the city along the west side of Adelphi road, all the way to Route 193. It has a sizeable Historic District and holds annual Historic Hyattsville house tours.  There are some attractive Victorian style homes in that District.

The other Hyattsville is the unincorporated area that was designated as Hyattsville by the County and followed by U.S. Postal service.  Why they chose to call such a large area by an incorporated City name is unclear and likely was not protested much at the time.  Over the years it has become unpopular with City and non-city residents because the unincorporated Hyattsville covers a huge swath of the county including areas that many residents prefer called by the Pre-Post office designation, such as Chillum, Adelphi, and Landover.  These areas are all unincorporated and do not have a City Council, like the City of Hyattsville.  Property taxes tend to be lower there as a result, though some in the City might consider their services to be better for the extra funds they pay.   It is unlikely that many of the unincorporated areas, which include most of zip codes 20782 and 20781 and all of 20783 and places around Landover all the way out to Martin Luther King Avenue, will ever be incorporated into the City.   There are a number of lovely parks in all areas of Hyattsville and historic places such as Adelphi Mill.  The City and unincorporated areas have won more recognition in recent years as affordable places to live that are not far of a commute from Washington DC and have the University of Maryland located right in their midst.  Also, they are inside but close to the Beltway and I-95.

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